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Spring cleanup services

March is so unpredictable, but after a long winter huddled by the fire, many are looking to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and occasional warm weather. While it may snow tomorrow, it is 60 degrees, and sunny today.

Here are a few things to complete before the growth spurt headed your way in April. Get the basic preparation done, so you can take full advantage of the April growing season for seeding, and planting.

Prune away damaged and dead branches from trees and bushes that have been damaged by the cold, snow, and wind. Trim back to live growth.

Prune summer-flowering shrubs like Rose of Sharon before buds swell. Hold off on trimming spring flowering shrubs like Forsythia, until after they flower.

Cut back and divide perennials as needed.

Pull up any spent annuals left from last year.

Cut back ornamental grasses, to allow for new growth.

Cut back any winter damaged roses bellow the blackened cane.

Rake out beds to prevent smothering and disease.

Nice soft turf makes this an ideal time to put a fresh edge on those flower beds. A good clean edge not only looks fantastic, but also keeps turf from creeping into those beds you worked so hard to mulch.

Prepare and seed turf, damaged by snow, salt, or disease. Depending on soil temperature, now is an appropriate time to put down that crabgrass preventer. Remember the pre-emergent will prevent your grass seed from germinating (consider sod).

Touching up or repairing your walkways and patios. Replace and relocate any displaced gravel or sand as needed. Any flagstone displaced by the freeze thaw cycles should be removed, base leveled, and replaced. Use a push broom to work sand into the areas between pavers.

Use a power washer to remove the slippery algae, or leaf discoloration from patios, and driveways.

Remove, repair, or replace any rotted or damaged wood on fences or decking. Sand with 60 grit paper to prepare surfaces for paint or stain.

I love spring.

Matthew Allen

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